Iridium Rising is a 3D multi-player space game where you control a small space ship in the 1st person to complete various objectives. The ship is equipped with a scanner, shield and weapons.


Arrow keysRotate the ship
WThrust forwards
SThrust backwards
A/DStrafe sideways
XLink guns
OView objectives
F1Quick help
F2Swap up/down keys
F9Take screenshot
EscQuit the game

Energy/Shield Bars:

Two horizontal bars in blue/green indicate the ship's remaining energy and shield levels. Energy is depleted by firing the guns, shields are depleted by incoming projectiles and by collisions with other objects. Over time both energy and shields are replenished.

Guns also have a recovery time due to overheating, and will sometimes be unavailable even when there is sufficient energy to fire. This is particularly noticeable if you have all your guns linked.


Two concentric circles indicate the scanner overlaid on the centre of the screen. When objects are in front of you, the dot is overlaid on the object. Otherwise, the dot's position between the rings indicates the object's direction and how far behind you it is.

The type of objects is indicated by its colour: Green dots are friendly ships, red dots are enemy ships. White dots are neutral objects. In a race, pink dots indicate the next ring to pass through, the following rings are blue and rings you've already been through are grey.

When your ship is pointed at another ship, a circle appears as you acquire the target. If you stop pointing at the ship during this period you will fail to lock on. Once your target is locked the circle changes to a diamond symbol, which remains overlaid on that ship, with additional information about the target shown in the top left.

Velocity indicator:

On the top right of the screen a velocity indicator describes how fast your ship is travelling. Notably this may not be in the direction of thrust, as the ship turns much more quickly than it accelerates.


You can use hyperspace to quickly jump back to your spawn point. It takes several seconds for your hyperspace engines to charge. If during this time you fire your guns or your shields are hit by any lasers the hyperspace jump is canceled.


Periodically you are given the option to join a mission. In a mission you will have a set of objectives that need to be completed in order for your team to win. You can leave a mission at any point and rejoin the melee by exiting to Null Space and selecting not to rejoin the same mission.


When your ship is destroyed you can either use the standard controls to move around the battlefield watching the action or you can exit to Null Space where you will have the option to rejoin the battle.