Frequently Asked Questions

How many players can be in a battle simultaneously?

Each battle is limited to 10-30 players. Above this number the Raspberry Pi struggles to cope.

Why is the game not open source?

The game is the result of many years of work, during which we have developed a large codebase that we plan to use as the basis of more games. In addition much of the code is undocumented and therefore it is not obvious how much use it would be to other people.

What about a single player/offline version?

We agree this is a great idea and is something we plan to add in the future but would require considerable work. The game has been architected to be multiplayer from the start so requires a connection to a game server to run. It might be possible to integrate a server into the client for offline games but this would take quite a lot of effort to implement and is quite low on our priority list at the moment.

Can you add feature X?

Thanks for your suggestion, we always welcome new ideas. Please post on the Raspberry Pi forum or email us at We have a long to do list of features we plan to add in the future and it is quite possible your idea is already on the list. Unfortunately we have limited resources for development and this may mean it is a long time before it appears.

Why is the game crashing?

To help us identity the exact problem we ask you to enable debug logging and send us the log. Debug logging can be turned on by changing outputDebug to true in the .iridiumrising file that is created inside your home directory. Now when you run the game a log file, iridium_rising_debug.log, will be written in your home directory. Next time you hit the problem, please send the log file to us along with as much detail about the issue and how to recreate it as you can.